Check Out Our Palm Coast Yard Sign Spotlight!

Flashback to June 2021. Tom and I moved cross country from Lee’s Summit, Missouri, to our current home in Palm Coast, Florida. Prior to our move, we decided to take a leap of faith and start our own branch of Yard deSIGNs. Why not?! We were already jumping out of our comfort zone, moving 18 hours away from all of our friends and almost our entire family (including 4 of our 6 children and 9 grandchildren!), and leaving behind both of our careers! Tom retired from the hospital field, and I was an elementary school teacher. We thought it would be a fun little endeavor and a nice side hustle to whatever jobs we would end up with. Little did we know it would be so much more!

Celebrating with Yard deSIGNS Palm Coast

July 22, 2021, we set up our very first Yard deSIGN in Palm Coast. It was a rush order, put in the day before, with a story that pulled on our heartstrings. So began our journey into the lives behind the deSIGNs; here is a glimpse into a few of those.

“#1 Neighbor Right Here” deSIGN for someone’s friend going through a rough time.

“End of Chemo – I Kicked Cancer’s Butt” deSIGN for a local teenage boy. We left it up an extra day so it would be there for an impromptu drive-by parade.

Another “End of Chemo – I Kicked Cancer’s Butt” deSIGN for a young father. He came out to look at it and cried while he held his wife and children.

A Welcome Home deSIGN for a local firefighter fighting brain cancer who was released from the hospital. The streets were lined with people as he was escorted home in a firetruck.

A Happy Birthday deSIGN for the same firefighter to celebrate his birthday early with family and friends.

“We Miss You Already” deSIGN at a Celebration of Life gathering for a local teacher.

Community Celebrations

Now don’t get me wrong, most of the deSIGNs we do in our Palm Coast community aren’t backed with heavy, sad emotional ties. Most are fun, carefree celebrations for birthdays, anniversaries, baby reveals, baby showers, graduations, retirements, reunions, holidays, etc. Some deSIGNs welcome visiting family members – “Yay! You’re Here!” or friends for a gathering – “The Party Is Here!” Sometimes we don’t know what the recipient thought of the surprise. But other times, we get sweet thank you texts for making their loved one smile. Some share a picture or video. Every once in a while, we get caught in the act as we finish up or while taking a picture before we leave, and we get to see the look of surprise and a huge smile. I’ll never forget when that sweet 4-year old birthday girl ran up and hugged me and said thank you! Day made!

Through this “side hustle, fun endeavor” of ours, we have made many, many connections in the Palm Coast community with other businesses. We have set up deSIGNs for their Grand Openings, Expos, Sales, Shows, and Vendor Events. We have also worked with many local nonprofits. One partnership we are honored to partner with is Live Like Cameron, a nonprofit that raises awareness for Childhood Cancer and helps local children fighting cancer and their families.

Reflecting Back

As we reflect on the 2 ½ years we have been in business in Palm Coast, I can’t help but smile. What an incredible blessing to touch the lives of others and bring a smile to their face. We look forward to celebrating all of life’s beautiful moments in Palm Coast with you and sharing some of ours along the way, too! This picture is the deSIGN we set up to welcome our new grandson home. So, when you are ready for your next celebration or event, or just because you want to make someone you love smile, Don’t Sign the Card; design the Yard with Yard deSIGNS Palm Coast!

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