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Check Out Our East Valley Yard Sign Spotlight!

Hi!  I am Stacey, based out of San Tan Valley, Arizona, and I own Yard deSIGNS East Valley!  My husband and daughter, along with my three fur babies, are the ninja’s behind the scenes of our business!  I have been with Yard deSIGNS for a little over three years and can honestly say I love my job!  The best part of the deSIGN business is the ability to spread happiness, not only for the recipient but for those driving by!  I love when I receive pictures of the recipients enjoying their surprise and the picture above is how I like to imagine that everyone feels inside!  From birthdays to retirement, our deSIGNS make an occasion unforgettable.  I mean, who wouldn’t want a reaction like this?  Nico turned 5, and his mom wanted to make his day.  I’d say the deSIGN was a success!  How about you?

I also love hearing the stories behind the deSIGNS!   Yesterday, I got a call from a previous customer requesting their 3rd adoption sign! The story she shared with me brought tears to my eyes and will make their deSIGN more meaningful.  Another special deSIGN by a customer was for her sister who had been waiting three years (some of these during Covid) to adopt, and can you imagine their surprise when they came home to their deSIGN along with their baby girl?  I feel lucky to help celebrate 2 customers turning 100 years old, not to mention wedding showers, baby showers, gender reveals, and celebrating veterans to help remember their sacrifices!  The Just Because deSIGN gives our customer the ability to make their deSIGN truly unique and even choose their own wording!

Being in the business of spreading happiness and joy is a blessing, and it is stories like these which create moments that are unforgettable to the customer, and to me as well.