wichita yard signs

Check Out Our Wichita, Kansas Yard Sign Spotlight!

I absolutely love doing this business! I’m still new to the Yard deSIGNS Wichita sign game, but in the past six weeks, I have been busy learning a lot while having so much fun.

This sweet 16 sign from last week is one of my favorites so far. Even though it was just a basic birthday package, I had so much fun putting it together. I really enjoy it when I can interact with my customers and do my very best to guarantee their satisfaction and happiness. Emma’s mom was so wonderful to work with; great communication with me, very detailed requests, and quick replies to my questions, and she shared Emma’s reaction with me as well! Knowing that my customer and her daughter were both absolutely thrilled made my heart so happy. This customer also gave me an awesome 5-star review on Google!

I have lived in Wichita my entire 52 years of life so getting to spread joy throughout is really a blessing. This community & all the surrounding areas are incredibly supportive of small businesses, especially female and minority-owned. The greater Wichita area is very involved with online groups of all types, which I am able to use for the networking aspect of growing Yard deSIGNS Wichita. I am very excited about the future opportunities this business will provide for my family.

I retired from my corporate career a year ago, having no idea what the future held. I was confident that whatever I would take on next would be something I enjoyed and could have fun with, and I really wanted flexible scheduling so I could be available for my grandchildren. So, when this opportunity presented itself, I truly felt like it was meant to be. This business was the perfect fit and allows me to use all of my creative energy and years of business experience, and I get to be my own boss!

Being a Yard deSIGNS licensee has been a new journey for me, but the unlimited support, training, and encouragement from the corporate team has been amazing and definitely gives me the confidence to keep pushing forward. I love that I get to run my own business but always have my fellow licensees across the country and my corporate partners to lean on. I am grateful for every single sale that I have gotten. My confidence grows with each sign installed, and I know that they will continue to get even better!