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Check Out Our Miami Valley Yard Sign Spotlight!

Yard deSIGNS Miami Valley started last February, so we’re almost ready to celebrate our 1st birthday as a licensee! We’re veteran-owned, and together, Mike, Jenifer, and our three teens, Ian (age 19), Lily (age 17), and Jack (age 16), help us run the business. Some of our goals for the business include teaching our teens the value of entrepreneurship and ownership, establishing new connections with our community, and just spreading some love and joy!

Our strategy for our first year in business was to establish some strong roots in our own community and then expand the business to take full advantage of our full territory. Business has been great, and we’re happy to report that the yard signs are a HIT in Ohio!

We chose pictures of two signs that go along with the theme of establishing strong roots. Both of these were donations to local schools that really helped with awareness of the business and establishing positive vibes in our community.

The first was the Young@Art sign at our teen’s High School. Young@Art is an annual event showcasing student art and raising funds for the High School Fine Arts Program. We were privileged to be one of the small business local sponsors of the event, earning us some name recognition in the community.

The second was the 6th-grade graduation sign for one of our local elementary schools. This was another sign donation that also really helped us with awareness for parents of elementary school children in our area.

Next year, we’re planning to advertise and promote our Ohio Yard deSIGNS business in a way that helps us capitalize on the potential of our full territory now that we’ve gotten the hang of the business. We wish you all the best with business success in 2024!

miami valley yard designs